In my family they recall that at just barely eleven years old I already knew that I wanted to be a chef. That would have been the mid 80s because I was born in Hernani in 1975. And, in fact, I did eventually study Hostelry at the historical Cebanc Center of Intxaurrondo, in San Sebastian, Basque Country. Although my vocation really emerged between the stoves of my home and the tasty dishes of my grandmother Anttoni, an old school cook to whom I pay from here an affectionate tribute.

Throughout my career I have worked with passion in a great variety of places: little restaurants, grill houses, charm hotels, starred hotels, “pintxos” bars and different gastronomic projects. I learnt something from all of them and they reaffirmed for me that youthful hunch that my place is indeed between stew pots.

My most recent experience was at the Basque Culinary Center, a place that tested my professional capacities by challenging me to innovate and to subsequently use this knowledge in teaching others.

With this “backpack” of experiences, a great hope, and love for my work I face a new challenge: to offer a professionalized service of integrated consulting to the hostelry business.